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“It is my hope and prayer that under him (Oba of Benin) Edo will remain what it has been, a large family, small differences in linguistic but basically won at the scene. And the test of leadership is when a mosquito is buzzing in your ear, if you start shouting “mosquito mosquito” then you are celebrating mosquito. 

If anyone can remember the sweat, the uncertainty, the pain, the harassment! Nothing and absolutely nothing should make anyone of us for a second to think of the possibility of bringing down the house that we built, that house must be protected, it must be preserved, it must be sustained for the good of our great state, I am sure God will give us the wisdom we need to get that done.

There’s a point in life where you have nothing to prove, the only thing I need to prove at this point is that we can all work in-spite of everything, to sustain the huge progressive family working day and night for the sustainable development of our great state, so the Oba will be proud of all his children including my humble self. 

Oba gha tokpere, ISE!!! “

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