TRUE STORY: Oshiomhole, Obaseki Reconciliation, an ‘intermission’

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Dangote, Fayemi, Obaseki and Oshiomhole

By Barr. Ojelaro Friday

I recall two things from my childhood. The first is after a heavy downpour of rain, the sky will remain calm temporary but the clouds become darker. The knowledgeable elders will say “amen lo whin era bi inyon re”. Interpreted from Owan to English it means, “the rain is coming back with his father and mother”.

The meaning is that, the downpour we just witnessed will be nothing compared to the one that is coming. And truly, it always turned out to be that way.

The second thing I remember from my childhood is the Indian movies, gosh! We can kill for those in those days. The movies usually take very long, up to 3 hours on the average. After watching the action for half of the time and when it is getting more interesting (the fight between the ‘boss’ and the ‘actor’), the screen will just show the word – ‘INTERMISSION’ in bold letters. The first time I ever saw those words on the screen, I thought the movie had ended but a knowledgeable senior who knows the meaning told us the word means ‘half-time’ and that the most interesting part of the movie is about to commence and usually it turned out to be exactly that.

Now, where am I going with these childhood reminisces? Well, I took a brief break from social media yesterday afternoon only for me to come back this morning to find almost every Facebook wall of Edo facebookers talking about a purported reconciliation between Adams Oshiomole and Godwin Obaseki. If you truly love your people, this is a welcome development and honestly I wanted to join those celebrating the gesture until I was cautioned by the disparate interpretations of the reconciliation.

The camps were not celebrating reconciliation. They were celebrating victories with the Oshiomhole’s camp the most vociferous in claiming that Obaseki has been tamed.

On my part, I think they are very much in order not to celebrate reconciliation. They are however wrong to be celebrating victories. You cannot celebrate victory in a fight that has not been decisively of fully determined. Prisoners have not yet been taken. Political coffins are yet to be buried. As far as I am concerned, this temporary armistice (if truly it is one) is akin to the analogies of the rain and Indian movies I narrated above. Part 2 or 2nd half is ominously imminent.

This my position is re-enforced by precedents. I have never seen a fight between a godfather and a godson that have ended in honest reconciliation before one is ruined or rendered innocuous. One constant decimal is always attempted or consummated reconciliations that have always turned out to be hoax. Anenih and Lucky reconciled but Oshiomole was sponsored by Lucky subsequent to the fake reconciliation. Anenih and Osunbor reconciled but Osunbor left PDP. While exiting PDP, Osunbor gave the following interview:

“So first of all, PDP traded off my position as governor of Edo State but the PDP National Government gave me an appointment as the Chairman of Nigerian Law Reform Commission, was that really a fair compensation for removing me?

Because at that time, (Vincent) Ogbulafor, the National Chairman boasted to me that the PDP had 28 states and that the PDP was not bound to win everything. That the PDP was ready to concede some states to the opposition. He told me if I didn’t succumb to Chief Tony Anenih I ran the risk of losing my seat. And after I was removed, he told me; ‘you see what I was telling you. Did you see what has happened?’ That if I had listened to him, I wouldn’t have been removed. And when Adams Oshiomole came in, he gave three commissionership slots to Chief Anenih in appreciation for the help he gave him to become governor. That was before 2012.

“So when people claimed I supported Adams Oshiomole; who gave Adams Oshiomole more support, the PDP leadership or myself?”

The case of Tinubu/Ambode rift is still fresh and ongoing despite many fake public smiles and photographs to tell a different story.

You can believe what you want to believe about fake public appearances but the overhyped reconciliation between Oshiomhole and Obaseki was captured by journalists thus:

“The hostilities between the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole and Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, seemed to have come to an end on Wednesday. The duo met at the Presidential Policy Retreat at the Council Chamber of the State House, Abuja.

“Before the retreat started, they were asked by some photojournalists in the council chamber to shake hands and pose for snapshots.

“The two of them complied and posed for the photograph with the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari and Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi.

“Fayemi replied the photojournalists with ‘We are not quarreling here’.

“Obaseki and Oshiomhole had been at loggerhead over the timing and manner of the proclamation of the Edo State House of Assembly

“Now, both men never went for reconciliation. They went for a Presidential retreat that had other prominent APC members in attendance. Their quarrel was never discussed at that retreat. The pictures taken was before the retreat for appearances purposes. Even the public arbiter Kayode Fayemi made a false claim to the journalists that the two men are not quarreling. From these, where the hell from was reconciliation distilled?

“Anyway, many failed to realize that most fights between godfathers and godsons are usually not premised on issues between them but between the insatiable egos of their lieutenants.

“Truth is that many of these lieutenants are professional crisis brewers within political parties. With them, there will always be this war. The most dangerous of these species are the ones who usually team up with The Godfather. The have perfected the art of poisoning godfathers against their godsons (mostly state governors) out of their selfish interests.

“In this connection, I want to use Barr. Idahagbon as example. He is the worst of this kind.

“Always there at the thick of all fights like this in Edo state. He was one of those guys who caused and sustained the rift between Lucky and Anenih and between Anenih and Osunbor. Hear him in one of his outbursts during the Anenih/Osunbor’s fight.

“Idahagbon said: ‘Is it not Osifo and his group who started it all when, barely after three months of the administration of Osunbor, they went ahead to hold a so-called convention? The effect of their misguided efforts is better left unsaid. The aim was to build structure for Osunbor but it was a complete misadventure.’

“Now, tell me, how will there ever be reconciliation when you have stokers and brokers of political quarrels like the former AG Edo?

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