Keyamo completes clearance, submits Asset Declaration Form

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Ace lawyer, Human Rights Activist and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, and one of the ministerial nominee, Festus Keyamo, SAN, has completed the rigorous clearance process with the filling of his Asset Declaration Form on Monday in Abuja.

Mr Keyamo was at the Federal High Court, Abuja specifically Court 11, located at the 3rd Floor of the building, at about 3. 02 p.m.

Chapter 6, Part 1, Section 149 of the Nigerian Constitution, says a minister of the government of the federation shall not enter upon the duties of his office, unless he has declared his assets and liabilities as prescribed in the Constitution.

Mr Keyamo, has a successful legal practice with offices in South West, I South-South and the Federal Capital. He is famed for his Civil Rights Movement, especially during the reign of despotic rule in Nigeria.

During his clearance at the Senate, preparatory to become Honourable Minister of the Federal Republic, Keyamo showed his literary and oratorical skills when he illuminated the chamber with his lecture on “unbundling the supreme court”. It was visible that his inclusion in the Federal Executive Council is a relief after seasons of uninspiring ministers.

Festus Keyamo is one of the 43 ministers nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari, to help him achieve the ‘Next Level’ national plan in the next four years.

During the question and answer time at the senate, the nominee from Delta State, said he would ‘unbundle’ the Supreme Court and decongest Nigerian prisons if he was made the next Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) or Minister of Justice.

Mr. Keyamo who was the spokesperson of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organisation answered questions ranging from the workings of the Supreme Court to the many existing political parties.

On what the major reforms he will like to see in the justice sector, he said he is prepared to work in any sector the president deems fit “but if made the Attorney General of the Federation, he will work with the idea of 3Ds”.

The ‘Ds’, are the decongestion of the Supreme Court, decongestion of the prisons and decongestion of courts across the country “and that will be the courts linked directly to speedy trials”.

“I will unbundle the Supreme Court. I will decongest the cases that go up to the Supreme Court, that will be my first task.

“Our Supreme Court is the busiest Supreme Court (in the world). The kinds of cases that go up to our Supreme Court are scandalous, appeals dealing with frivolous matters.

“I think this country is big enough now to have six regional Supreme Courts where appeals coming from those regions will end there. Land matters, contract matters, marriage and all of that.

“As the Supreme Court is designed today, you won’t believe that a case of assault, ‘I slap you, you slap me’, goes up to the Supreme Court and (will) be lining up with political and constitutional matters to be heard – which is why cases in Supreme Court have been pending for the last 10 to 15 years,” he said.

(Report with NAN)

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