Oshiomhole’s grand plot is to impeach Obaseki – Okiye

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Mr. Frank Okiye, the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly has said that the ongoing trouble with the state legislative arm was a “smokescreen” by Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, the immediate past governor and the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in his determination to deny the state Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki, of his second term.

The Speaker made the assertions when he addressed reporters on the latest threats by the Senate. He explained that the purported takeover of the state Assembly by the national assembly was capable of “destabilising Edo State”, and added that the Ahmed Lawan and his associates should be agents of peace and not “merchants of crisis.”

Okiye said: “The truth is that the Edo State Assembly and my office as the speaker are not the real targets of this crisis. The plot is actually aimed at Governor Obaseki, and the endpoint is to stop him from getting a return ticket as governor next year.

“Oshiomhole is actually after Obaseki. The state Assembly was only a smokescreen to cover his plans. The idea now is to take over the House, destabilize the state and possibly impeach the governor. The Edo Peoples Movement that originated this crisis has boasted that they will ensure that the governor does not come back for a second tenure.”

“I have said it on several occasions that we know who is beating the drum for them in the National Assembly. They have found themselves in the position of a stooge to make it look like they cannot think outside the box, it’s unfortunate, Obaseki is the target.” The speaker opined, just as he added that the threat of takeover from the National Assembly was part of the grand plot of Oshiomhole, who was the immediate past governor of Edo State to impeach Obaseki.

Okiye called on his fleeing colleagues to embrace peace and come over to the Assembly and regularized their documents as lawmaker elect, and he was ready to swear them in.

“We have been sitting as a parliament. I just drove out office after the plenary session. Lawmakers are going about their committee work. We just invited Commissioner for Works, nominated by Obaseki, to appear before the House over a matter of public importance.

“The door is open for the remaining lawmaker-elect, they should come to Assembly, complete and regularize their documentation and they will be sworn in.

“The constitution says when the House is unable to sit, that means when it cannot perform the function it was supposed to perform. And this notification was supposed to be given or declared by the governor who will say that there is no one to clear my commissioners, oversee my legislative requests and so on. That was what the constitution contemplated, not the National Assembly sitting over a state Assembly as if we are a colony under them.

“We are in court; we have sued them and got two separate injunctions and we are going to cite all the cases in court on the pages of newspapers. The other twelve member-elect has also sued and challenged the legitimacy of my speakership.

“So, which means all the parties in this issue have cases in court already. We have a restraining order against the National Assembly, against the security agencies, against the party and their agents. So, why is the National Assembly trying to usurp the function of the court?” The speaker said.

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