Obaseki and Oshiomhole’s Game of Thrones: The Battles, Retreats, Gains, Losses, and Ruins

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Game of Thrones… the aspiring godfather shedding tears

George Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ told the story of a medieval country’s civil war where ecentric characters fought for the control of the ‘Iron Throne’ – the seat of the king of the Seven Kingdoms who ruled all, but the northern tip of Westeros.

The story chronicled the violent dynastic struggles among the realm’s noble families for the Iron Throne, while other families (the oppressed) joined the fight for their independence from it.

The prologue introduced the ‘Wall’, an ancient barrier of stone, ice, and magic, which was hundreds of feet high and hundreds of miles long, shielding the Seven Kingdoms from the northern wilderness. The Wall was manned by the Night’s Watch: an order of warriors sworn to serve there for life, defending the realm from the fabled ‘Others’, an ancient and hostile inhuman race, as well as from the human ‘wildlings’ who live north of the Wall.

Jon Snow, the bastard son of Eddard Stark, was inspired by his uncle, Benjen Stark, to join the Night’s Watch, but he became disillusioned when he discovered that the primary function was just a penal colony. Jon united his fellow recruits against their harsh instructor to protect the cowardly but good-natured and intelligent Samwell Tarly. Jon, subsequiently was appointed steward to the leader of the Watch, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, and the position made him a potential successor to Mormont. Expectedly, Benjen did not return from one of many expeditions to north of the Wall. Six months later, the dead bodies of two men from his party are recovered; these re-animated as undead wights before they were dispatched by Jon.

When word of his father’s execution reached Jon, he attempted to join Robb against the Lannisters, but was persuaded to remain loyal to the ‘watch.’

What followed was series of unending disastrous wars, interwoven with betrayals, failed surrenders, and deceptive incursions into enemies camp.

Edo State may not be the medieval ‘Seven Kingdoms but the intractable political struggle between Governor Godwin Obaseki and his estranged predecessor and aspiring godfather, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole bears all scenes reminincent of the ongoing proxy and not so proxy fight between a godson and an aspiring cold-blooded godfather. Many actors will carry the scars of the current political contestation for long, as it was in the medieval civil wars.

Already, several promoters and commissioned footsoldiers on both sides have expressed unsavory disposition for the ‘sallah day visit’. The fear of bearing the brunt fills the camp of both Gov Obaseki and the APC National Chairman, Oshiomhole.

Their fear is manifest in the statement made by Oshiomhole shortly after the Salah day visit. He blamed the quarrel between him and his successor on ‘selfish forces’.

The labour leader who rose from steward to become Nigeria’s number one labour leader told newsmakers in Iyamoh that the rift between him and Obaseki is the creation of people with selfish interests.

In his words, “…from time to time, we have always be meeting. It is not an unusual visit, the meeting afforded me the opportunity to meet with my brother and with people I have worked with.” Probably referring to Osarodion Ogie Esq, Secretary to the State Government and Mr. Philip Shiabu, the Deputy Governor.

Oshiomhole may be right to some extent, because the fight between him and Obaseki stayed as rumour until the promoters of Edo People Movement, the disingenuous association of ex- political office holders handed ultimatum to the incumbent governor.

Others with varied degrees of inconsistent views with the governor, bought into the confusion which snowballed to the leadership struggle in Edo House of Assembly.

In contrast, the confusion created by EPM became the political gains of the governor. The membership of pro Obaseki camp swelled with volunteers who waited for opportunity to drive srews into Oshiomhole’s political funeral box.

Midwest Herald can authoritatively report that the cease fire has provided both camps with opportunity to re-strategize and prepare for the next possible incursion. The reality on ground is far from the make-believe accord.

At best, the elements in Oshiomhole’s camp have decided to adopt a covert political strategy. They blame their defeat on the robust outward attack. Specifically, they are pointing defeat fingers at EPM who everyone, including Obaseki and Oshiomhole have accused of starting a political fire from the default mode.

The governor who spoke through his Special Adviser, Osagie Crusoe explained that true leaders understand that they represent the people in whose interests they must serve. He added that, that was why he insisted that the resources of the state are for the people only, and not for a negligible minority and nothing can ever change that.

“The notion that these two men are adversaries is being propagated by morally and financially insolvent people seeking to profit off of the challenges they have been working so hard to foment. You cannot blame such people really. Their talents and abilities are severely limited, so it is in their collective interest to stoke tension and drive division, but I can tell you that they have already failed” Osagie insisted.

One central demand by Oshiomhole during the crisis was the fresh proclamation letter by Obaseki. Judging from the response of the governor’s spokesman, the demand for a new proclamation is the first casualty as this my have been offered as atoinment for the sallah day visit.

“I cannot speak on this matter as it is sub-judice. But I think the whole world knows that the Edo State House of Assembly has already been inaugurated. No person or institution of Government can order a state governor to do anything. We are a nation of Laws and by the special grace of God, we will all be alive to witness the law run its full course” Osagie Crusoe reiterated.

Some members elect of the State House of Assembly Assembly who voluntered information to Midwest Herald last night explained that the see themselves as being left in the lounge in the peace talk. They wonder if their demands for fresh inauguration and the choice of Victor Edoror as speaker will be achieved through the federal induced peace.

From the vantage position of Midwest Herald, we can safely say that those demands look like their looses. Apart from these intangibles, the remaining 12 members elect may suffer personally if the ongoing plot to declare their seats vacant by the House materializes. The leadership of the House may trigger the relevant sections of the 1999 constitution to clean up and refocus the Assembly to meet their lawmaking challenges.

Over and above, the biggest loser in the Edo ‘Game of Thrones’ is the All Progressives Congress, APC National Chairman, who before the bout was rated as undisputed heavy weight politician in the state, but was narrowly saved by the proverbial bell.

In a matter many expected to be a walk in the park for him, Oshiomhole used up his goodwill, including those of the National Assembly that came in form of coercion, to that of Oba Ewuare II, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu and even the minuscule Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai, who embarrassingly paraded a pirated presidential order for a new proclamation letter.

No doubt, the outcomes from the ‘little trouble’ should serve Oshiomhole as life lesson in humility.

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