The Obaseki’s Creed

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Gov. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki

I’m telling you. It is so easy to see how we bungle things up for selfish reasons.

You see a Governor like Obaseki who’s doing well, who you cannot accuse of chopping or squandering Edo State money, who is restoring the lost glory of the State, through Education etc, you want him out because he’s not sharing money with thugs etc.

I like his attitude. It is not a do or die matter with him. He will only do those things that his conscience can live with.

He’s a product of the good old Midwest/ Bendel when hardwork was rewarded and excellence prevailed.

He cannot be anything else. He has pedigree and will protect it. That’s why we all support him.

Through him there is a scintilla of hope that the good old glory days can return to Edo State.

He will not betray his pedigree and we all stand solidly with and behind him.

Candid Words of a Believer…

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