I Have Made My Choice… I owe Nobody Apologies

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By Senator Ehigie Uzamere

Edo South will always come first in my scheme of things. I am baffled that adults have opted to be faceless in attacking me. It shows cowardice and people who do not believe what they write.

Political jobbers who make a living from maligning people. I challenge your sponsors to a live debate on our various achievements both for our individual selves and our people.

The storyline is always that I did nothing for my Edo South constituents, the eight years I was in the Senate. If the allegation is that I did not share my salary with every constituent, then you would be correct.

I am confident I executed projects that touched on generality of lives. I am also sure I touched on several individual lives, who remain ever grateful to God that our paths crossed.

In any politics, choices must be made. I have made my choices, and I owe nobody no apologies. My choices are based on ideologies and not stomach infrastructure.

It remains on record I contested elections from my personal home, built from my sweat; not inherited and not as a tenant.

The earlier we start rallying round our own people, the better it would be for us in Edo South. Casting aspersions on me or maligning my character, would not liberate us from the servitude we are in.

May God give us discernment and the wisdom to identify saboteurs and turncoats among us. May God give us the strength to build a stronger political and economic Edo South.

Happy New Year once again!

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