Re: Insanity Must Have Limit! Attempt to Smear the Image of our Highly Revered Monarch, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II

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(Statement by a Concerned Benin Patriot, Efosa Osadebamwen, Esq)

I write with extreme pain and anger, at the furious and desperate attempt by some unscrupulous characters to denigrate, embarrass, malign and ridicule the highly revered stool of the ancient Benin Kingdom and by extension, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare II.

I am pained because I am a Benin patriot; proud of the enviable and indomitable ancestry of the Edos and Benin Kingdom.

I am incensed because any attempt to denigrate our Royal Majesty, the Oba of Benin, is akin to rubbishing our entire heritage as a people. We must never let this happen.

We must defend our heritage and our people from enemies within, who are bent on ridiculing us before the outside world by articulating FALSE narratives about our Oba and the palace of the great Benin kingdom.

Of recent, the merchants of falsehood have been spreading their wares of discord and disharmony in form of recorded videos and messages, to the effect that one of the Oba’s wives had ‘fled‘ the palace and reunited with her ”ex”.

What a FALSE and evil story. What an abomination. What effrontery by warped minds to descend to infamy with such unfounded tale.

The FALSE story is not only satanic; as every bonafide Benin man or woman knows or should know, it is against our tradition for any subject to harbour any form of ill will or speak evil against our Oba or his family.

The age-long Benin tradition is for the Oba to marry only virgins and the Queen in question is not only the youngest but was a pure virgin bride and therefore did not even know any man prior to her being bethroted to the throne.

Moreover, part of our rich heritage value is the custom that: ‘Agha ronmwo Oba Aiyowa’; meaning, once married to the Oba, it’s for life.

According to tradition, It is only the Oba that has the authority to exit the Queen if he chooses to.

The implications of their actions is that they have already placed a curse on themselves and families by venturing into ‘sacred terrain. A RANSOM has been placed on their heads. Insanity must certainly have its limits!

One can only hazard a guess as to the motive(s) of these deranged and depraved individuals: the stoppage of their nefarious human trafficking business!

One understands that not a few feathers have been ruffled by the Omonoba’s courageous stance against international prostitution which had given the Benin and Edo people a bad image outside our shores.

He placed a curse on ‘flesh traders’ as soon as he ascended the throne of his ancestors; he ‘outlawed‘ all forms of ‘sponsorships’ abroad, euphemism for modern sex trade throughout his kingdom. This has brought respectability to the Edo people.

Those behind these FAKE stories are members of some powerful cartels and cabal spread across Spain, Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe whose business interest in human trafficking have been hampered By the curse placed on them by our Royal Majesty the Oba of Benin and for which they are bent on destroying our kingdom by merchandising FAKE NEWS and stories about His Royal Majesty and his immediate family on social media?

To all Benin people in particular, and Edo in general: These desperate miscreants must not be allowed to go scot free with their evil plot. They must be fished out and shamed for their dishonourable conduct against our people.

They are enemies of the Oba; enemies of the people. Insanity must have limit!

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