APC Crises: Buhari May Sack Oshiomhole, NWC

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President Muhammadu Buhari is set to bare his fangs in resolving the lingering crisis in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC at the scheduled meeting of the National Executive Committee, NEC meeting of the party on Thursday.

On the table according to multiple sources is the dissolution of the Adams Oshiomhole led National Working Committee, NWC and the empowerment of a caretaker committee to steer the affairs of the party.

The option which is contemplated as a nuclear option according to sources would be based on the doctrine of necessity given the fact that the party’s constitution does not make provision for a caretaker committee.

The president’s option it was gathered follows the crisis in the NWC that has become factionalised between the tendency aligned to Comrade Oshiomhole, the national chairman now in suspension, and that led by Mr. Victor Giadom.

However, the president’s move it was, further gathered is set to reshape the politics of the party and the country as he takes control of the politics of the party from the tendencies aligned to national party leader, Aswiaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his contenders.

“The president is now set to take control of the 2023 agenda and determine the way for his successor,” a source said.

Tinubu is presently and firmly in charge of the NWC as led by Oshiomhole with his associates in key positions. The attempt to input another loyalist of the influential party leader, Senator Abiola Ajimobi as the deputy national chairman is one of the key contentious issues that is driving the apparent dissolution.

“Where is Ajimobi coming from and his position is a mystery,” one source familiar with the plot told GWG.

The moves initially directed at removing only Oshiomhole first erupted in November 2019, and then last March. Both moves GWG gathered had significant support from the president’s inner circle. At both previous times the operation was called off at the last minute for yet unknown reasons.

The leg men involved in the two previous moves were proxies of a powerful Southern minister and two governors from the Northwest and Southwest all of whom have a common position against the ascendancy of the national leader, Tinubu.

All three principals involved have, however, taken a backstage this time apparently after having their hands burnt in the two last previous moves against Oshiomhole.

However, the present developments in the NWC it was gathered has given neither the president nor the anti-Oshiomhole men any other options.

“If we don’t go ahead we are dead men because our internal enemies have marked us as dead men,” one source quoted one of those involved in the plot as saying.  

“What convinced the president was the issue of having a national vice-chairman acting for Ajimobi whose status in the NWC is a mystery,” one source said hinting at the persistent issue of Ajimobi not having been appointed by a convention or the NEC.

The president is also said to have also been concerned with the fact that there is a deputy national chairman in the position of Lawali Shuaibu in place and subordinates are running riot.

However, the appointment of a caretaker committee was said to have raised some issues but it is believed that the president may have gotten legal counsel to use that option as a necessity.

“You would have noticed that when the governors came to meet the president the last time that the Attorney General came along with them and I think with that we will be applying the doctrine of necessity as there is no other way to go,” it was further gathered.

The caretaker committee is to be in place for between two and four months and help organize a national convention to regularize the issues in the party it was gathered.


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