“I Don’t See Obaseki Loosing a Free, Fair, Peaceful Election”

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By Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi

We must take a break from the old circle of political names that has held us captives for once. I have absolutely nothing against Atiku, Tinubu and their likes. But, sincerely I am tired of the status quo.

I am enjoying the style of leadership Obaseki is providing; though in PDP by circumstances because APC wasn’t ready for the change of order he was pioneering. Politicians are all the same and it’s a matter of time before the bubble will burst against this new PDP Tenant; Obaseki.

A home must be built to aggregates heros like him who are forced to either live with APC or PDP at every election. Obaseki is for me the opportunity to aggregates a 3rd force with 2023 inview.

This greenhorn discovered and rejected by APC, but accommodated by PDP is for me the unwritten merger of political forces needed to birth the 3rd force.

Never in the history of Governorship campaign has wards been the choice of a candidate to meet the electorates, they are cost effective and grassroots embracing, but for Obaseki the people 1st before the propaganda, he choosed the ward!

I was in Edo State from the 6th of June till yesterday the 4th of September; 3 solid mont8h, building the CAPE (Community Ambassadors for Peaceful Elections) structure, which was activated at the Banquet hall of the Government house, without radio jingles, newspapers advert and TV promo, we had 733 participants in attendance which included our Captains of 100 from all the 193 wards in the State.

One thing was on the lips of everyone one; “Obaseki no dey share money”! It was hard for the Government officials we met to believe we could do so much without been bankrolled, “bagrolled”, or “enveloprolled”. But we got that result without throwing money around, it was spent where necessary.

Money by nature was never meant to be picked without an exchange for worth and value.

Judging Obaseki’s efforts by ours, I don’t see him loosing a free, fair and peaceful elections.

Obaseki’s works are so visible; even the “blind” can see. He is rightly been accused when they say; “he has not commissioned any project. His projects are too numerous to be commissioned, people just wake up and see new projects. That’s why they nick named him “wake and see Governor”.

If value for worth and hardwork will be restored to us as a nation; walahi! Beyond our political party affiliations, we must all ensure that Obaseki is re-elected. As a lesson and legacy to our children that hardwork pays.

This is my personal opinion expressed though, with due respect to all the Organisations I belong that are neutral in the process in Edo State.

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