Itsekiri Oluship: I Pledge My Unalloyed Loyalty to Tsola Emiko

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I prince Harrison Oritsemone Jalla due to the prevailing circumstances in the Iwere Kingdom wish to make the following clarifications and therefore state as follows:

(1) That my legal action predates the selection of our Olu designate Crown Prince Tsola Emiko.

(2) That the main thrust of my legal action which is largely being misconstrued by the media is the contention that the Oluship is not an Exclusive preserve of the Emiko’s Lineage and my position has not changed on that.

(3) I stand for the Liberation of Iwere Kingdom from the hands of Brigands who held the Kingdom hostage for the past five years for their personal interest and salute the courage of the Ginuwa ruling house for timeously checking their Excesses.

(4) That from henceforth I prince Harrison Oritsemone Jalla will not watch from the sidelines on matters concerning the Iwere Kingdom.

(5) I pledge my unalloyed loyalty to our Olu designate Omoba Tsola Emiko whose mission is to completely transform Iwere kingdom and urge all my Itsekiri brothers and Sisters to disregard all publications concerning my humble self relating to the Kingship they are not from me.

God bless Iwere Nation.


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