Edo PDP: Dissolution will Bring Peace

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The seamlessly disagreement in Edo State chapter of the Peoples Demo­cratic Party (PDP) is rumoured to be as a result of the demand by the governor of Mr. Godwin Obaseki for harmonization of PDP executive structure in the state.

Loyalists to Mr. Obaseki are pinning the call for harmonization on the prolong faction that existed in the party before they joined the PDP.

In their estimation, it will be in the interest of all to dissolve the structure and put one in place that will accommodate all shades of interest.

Presently, there are three groups, two existing PDP factions and the new PDP made up of members of All Progressives Congress (APC) that came on board with Obaseki.

A petition letter by the state chairman of PDP, Mr. Anthony Aziegbemi, on Tuesday May 11, 2021 addressed to Prince Uche Secondus, the PDP national chairman, has pitched members against each other.

Amongst other things, Aziegbemi is demanding a stop to Governor Obaseki’s demand for the harmonization the executive structures of PDP, which ultimately affect his position.

The latest decision arose after last weekend’s emergency and expanded State Working Committee meeting.

Midwest Herald learnt that the intervention of the governor is to have a consensus on the new executive members of the party across board before holding congresses to elect such persons. This they insist is the best way to accommodate all varied interests that will heal the agitators.

There are suspicion that Obaseki was plotting to sponsor Asleem Ojezua, former state chairman of All Progressives Congress to replace Aziegbemi. This they say is responsible for his resistance.

Other leaders believe that the issues are more than just one party office, as it has to do with the peace and harmony within the party.

A leader of the party, and veteran politician, Mr. Charles Idahosa shares this same view. According to him, the reason for the call for dissolution is that, there are too many factions in the party.

“Yes, the governor wrote to the PDP national leader­ship asking for a dissolu­tion of the current execu­tive and a fresh election to be conducted.

“The reason he gave was that there were too many factions in the party.

“But the truth is that the current PDP leadership led by Aziegbemi knows that if a fresh election is to be conducted today, they stand no chance of returning be­cause whoever is the can­didate of the governor will win.” Idahosa explained.

Midwest Herald can confirm that, their are peaceable moves to amicably settle the budding rift.

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