Why Edo College Brigands Must Face Punitive Action

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An ugly video, showing some students of Edo College, violently molesting fellow students, went viral over the weekend.

It was greeted with outrage!

Sadly, the video came with a caption: “Edo College Senior Student bullying their junior student…”

By whatever measure, the barbaric attack should never have been reduced to bullying.

Again, the underestimation of the barbaric scene shows how Nigerians have developed ‘common shock’.

Exposure to violence and violation is commonplace in the daily lives of Nigerians. It is common, because it happens all the
time, to everyone in different ways.

It is a shock, because it affects the minds, body and psychology of all.

Sadly, violence has become the accepted new normal in most of our communities.

In the opinion of this paper, what the Edo College teenagers did, by all means, is a premeditated criminal attack on innocent students.

We are convinced that a combination of reasons led to the now infamous Edo College barbaric show of shame.

Research on youth violence has increased the understanding that societal factors are contributing to the risk of youth violence.

Many of these risk factors are linked to children who are exposed to toxic environment, including toxic entertainment.

It has been discovered that toxic family setting can negatively affect the development of any child, in a manner that will promote violence as an acceptable way to express their suppressed emotions.

The increase in substance abuse has led to unstable psychological behaviour of teens, just as in some parents.

In addition, cult members may have found Edo College as a veritable place for recruitment of adolescent followers.

The only reason this terrible incident should have happened is primarily due to lack of students supervision.

Effective Academic Supervision has been defined as “…administrative process through which school managers or leaders ensures that teachers are all contributing towards sound and qualitative teaching and learning process, effective supervision is sine-qua-non to improved student learning and achievement of educational goals (Quiroz, 2015; Agih, 2015; …4 Jun 2021).

The fact that this incident happened at a time the Senior Secondary School (SSS) students involved were supposed to be writing their National Examinations Council (NECO) final examination, raises serious question about the management of some of these schools.

No doubt, the incident is capable of eroding the high rating of Edo State Government education reform, the EDO-BEST.

We welcome the quick and proactive statement issued by government, with a promise to prosecute anyone implicated in the attack in accordance with the Child Rights Law.

We also support the suspension of the principal, Mr. Peter Edomwonyi, and Akenzua hall of residence master, Mr. Oamen Stanley.

In addition, we call on the Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki to carry out staff audit to ascertain the culpability of any staff (academic and non-academic).

Such audit should investigate the allegations of cult cells within the school and around the school.

In the same breath, we call on parents to show more interest in the activities of their children, while in school and at home.

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