Revolt Against Culture…Passerby, Masquerade, in Street Fighting

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A rare sight was witnessed in Lagos Island recently that has attracted divergent reactions.

According to the report monitored on Instagram, a man is seen fighting with a masquerade, who he eventually over-powered.

Onlookers tried to save the masquerade from the grip of the obviously infuriated man but not before his protective disguising headgear was collected by his attacker.

Midwest Herald gathered that trouble started when the lone masquerade in his attempt to get ‘spiritual gift’ from the man, whipped his attacker for refusing to “dash him money.

” Before we knew what was happening, the angry man turned back and started beating the masquerade seriously.”

However, comments on Instagram shows that majority of people are against the action of the masquerade.

Reformnigeria.stopthekillings wrote: “wen hunger too much for the land, the people go start to fight their gods.”

Another person wrote: “fighting terrestrial power… everyone just dey angry for this country… you can’t predict people’s reaction anymore, always looking for where to channel their grievances.”

But mustaphacupid_edochie cautioned: “whatever happened to our cultural values? The unprovoked whipping is part of our culture… Umu aka Ime Ogbe GA etinye aka Guo gi duka duka for putting up a fight instead of running.”

Another user, ‘one_ebira_guy’ had an extreme reaction to the melodrama thus: “U dey mad, come fight masquerade for Okene, Kogi State. Dem go kill you… D gods are no longer angry in yoruba land.”

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