Breaking: Why UNIBEN Students Took to the Streets

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It’s now clear why students of the University of Benin took to streets to protest against the penutive N20,000 late registration fees that was levied on them by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Lillian Imuentinyan.

In an audio recording sent to Midwest Herald, a group of students, who we learnt were leaders of the students union are heard pleading profusely for one month extention to enable their colleagues raise the N20,000.

A woman who is alleged to by the Public Relations officer of the school, Dr. Benedicta Ehanire, can be heard, telling the students that they don’t need to go to school, because education isn’t for all.

“…it’s not compulsory that we all go to school… there are people who didn’t go to school that are better…”

At one point, the students pleaded to see the Vice Chancellor, but the officer refused and directed them to apply for appointment through the Dean of Students.

The students reminded the woman that they had already applied for extention through the VC before the were chased out of campus, the officer again, interjected, “was is approved?”

From the forgoing, it’s clear that a breakdown of communication between the officer of the university and the student leaders was responsible for the breakdown of law and order in UNIBEN.

From the conversation, the officer acted in an insensitive manner to the point that the students were left without option than to take their destiny to the streets of Benin City.

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