Shame! Lawyers Fight in Open Court, Hospitalized

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A show of shame was exhibited by two lawyers during the week, when they engaged themselves in physical combat that landed them in hospital.

The fight reportedly broke out while one of them was moving a motion at Gombe Magistrate Court.

Obviously irked by the objection, the two lawyers descended on each other with blows while arguing a motion for stand down.

The unprofessional lawyers, John Yuwa Esq and MK Gurumyen Esq fought and inflected injuries on each other until they were separated by onlookers.

The brawl led to the hospitalization of both lawyers. But Yuwa was subjected to stitches for his torn mouth and broken jaw.

The Police OC Legal, Umeadi Thamos Esq, was among those that separated the lawyers and to stop them from ending each others life in the court.

According to Gombe State branch of the Nigerian Bar Association referred to the incident as an embarrassment and has taken over the ugly case.

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