Who Has Bewitched Hon. Denis Idahosa?

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By Efe Igbinosa

My attention has just been drawn to a post made by Hon. Dennis Idahosa, the House of Representatives Member representing Ovia Federal Constituency, where he claimed to have installed street lights in Oguedion Street as one of his electoral promises to the Odionwere of Okada, who is also my grandfather.

Oguedion Street, which is one out of the many streets in Okada is the only street he installed the six poles he brought. I am seriously at a loss why the Hon. Member embarked on this deliberate propaganda, considering the fact that there are already street lights on every street in Okada – courtesy of Okada indigenes in diaspora.

It is even more ludicrous to note that the street lights which adorned every street in Okada was installed over a month ago. The property where the six poles of street lights was offloaded as seen in this picture (above) is the Oguedion and there is a street light in front of that property.

The street where he allegedly installed the six poles, already have street lights installed. I am not being economical with the truth when I say all the streets in Okada has been lit-up and ready for commissioning next year, (January 2022).

This is the fact. I can say this authoritatively because, not only have I seen them with my eyes at night, my dad is the chairman of elders Council of Okada indigenes in diaspora.

So, I am aware of the efforts made by him, the leadership of Okada indigenes and members in diaspora to ensure a safe Okada. It is morally reprehensible to use the sweat of others to score cheap political points.

What Hon. Denis Idahosa could have done

Upon discovery that all the streets in Okada now have street lights, courtesy of Okada indigenes in diaspora, he ought to have picked up his phone and call the leadership and thank them immensely for their contribution to nation building and speak of possible partnership in other pressing needs in Okada, like roads, modern markets, technical, digital and vocational skills, training the unemployed graduates of Okada on employability and workplace behaviour, etc. And this is where some of the leaders in Nigeria do get it wrong.

They lack leadership skills and completely blind and deaf to areas of collaboration and partnership that could improve the wellbeing of the people they claim to represent.

Okada has been made great by Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion and the people of Okada both at home and in Diaspora are committed to ensure that this greatness is passed down from generations to generations.

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