Edo PDP Adhoc Delegation Election: Our Stand!

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16 May 2022

His Excellency, Dr Iyorchia Ayu
National Chairman,
Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Wadata Plaza,

Your Excellency,

Compliments of the day!

We cannot begin this letter without apologizing for the troublesome members of the State Working Committee who in collaboration with the National Vice Chairman, South -South, Chief Dan Orbih and member representing the good people of Oredo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, have caused not just you and the entire party, but Edo PDP in particular, unwarranted issues.

Genuine and progressive PDP members in Edo State can assure you that their behaviour is not a true reflection of the feelings and character of the majority of PDP members in our state.

We read with dismay a letter purportedly written to you as National Chairman which as usual, exhibited the ill-fate and destructive tendencies of Orbih, Ogbeide-Ihama and their co-travellers.

The letter was mischievously published as a full-page advertorial in a National daily and signed by some members of the State Working Committee.

We believe that course of action was deliberately chosen to embarrass you and bring disrepute to our brand, the PDP!

It was disrespectful and must be condemned.

Your Excellency, at this point, you must agree with us that some members of the SWC are hell-bent on causing confusion in Edo PDP.

Or how else can they justify their attempt to rubbish the 3-adhoc delegates election organised on April 30, 2022, by the Dr. Kingsley Emu led PDP Ward Electoral Committee for the state?

With their continuous attempts at misinformation and subterfuge working as stooges to Orbih and Ogbeife-Ihama, some of these members of the State Working Committee (SWC) have arrogated to themselves powers they lack.

In the recent publicized letter, these dissidents claimed that an expanded working committee meeting was held in the state, making spurious statements regarding actions that emanated from the meeting.

It is pertinent that we ask what an expanded working committee meeting is? Such a meeting is alien to the party’s constitution.

It is disgraceful that a ‘gang’ that claims to uphold constitutionality at every turn will call unconstitutional meetings.

Edo PDP members cannot take seriously, issues or matters discussed at such an illegal meeting.

The gang, especially those that signed the worthless blackmail letter addressed to the National Chairman, have continued to frustrate the state chairman and members of the State Executive Committee whose duty it is to direct the SWC on the management of the party.

The SWC is not the highest organ of the party in the state and they refuse to carry out lawful instruction and directive of the State Executive Committee issued through the Chairman.

This is because they have an agenda that is in conflict with the interest of the vast majority of PDP members and Edo people in general.

They act with impunity. They do not respect laid down rules or constituted authority.

They concoct stories filled with lies and then even issue threats to not just to the State chairman, but the National working committee too! It’s condemnable.

They need to be educated on the role and function of the SWC and that of the SEC. Else, they will continue to run the party like Alibaba and the forty thieves!

Ironically, they are not even up to forty!!

On the issue of ward adhoc delegates election, they need to understand and be schooled that all registered party members, with party cards are eligible to vote.

Their medieval tactics of hiding and refusing to include names of registered members in the party register in their possession expose not just their ignorance but their evil intentions.

Your Excellency, recall that Edo PDP registered over 500,000 members using its electronic platform which ‘the gang’ went to court to stop, seeking to cause the electronic register not to be recognized.

Under enormous pressure from mostly the new registrants, the state chairman applied for and was issued over 100,000 party cards for members between March and April.

While the chairman and other like-minded members of the party and the SEC in collaboration with the PDP-led state government went out on a membership drive, opening the party to more people, the ‘gang’ in the working committee tried to sabotage the process.

It was no more a surprise when the army of new and old members trooped out in droves to vote and elect 3 adhoc delegates from the wards.

The ‘gang’ lost out woefully and now they are crying foul.

They believed and thought only they and their stooges were eligible to vote at the wards.

And because they refuse to admit new entrants, they, of course, could not mobilize enough people to elect those they were sponsoring.

Rather, they gathered themselves in beer parlour to concort results for the adhoc delegates and which offends the Electoral Act that requires congresses and primary elections to be held in the relevant Constituencies.

Having lost out fair and square, they are now maligning the integrity of the officers the National Chairman assigned to conduct the election and by extension, rubbishing the Chairman and his office.

This is why they have resorted to telling blatant lies to achieve their selfish interest.

Our Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has shown leadership and political dexterity.

His demeanor is the glue that has kept the party together.

We thank him.

It is in the best interest of the party that all members work in unison in prosecuting the forthcoming election.

The state working committee should be advised to work in the interest of the majority of the party members and not as stooges in the hands of a negligible few.

The party and its constitution are what binds us together. Let us obey the constitution and not be selective in its application.

Your Excellency, please allow us to also publish this in a National daily so that more people can be privy to our position.

We thank you for the support you have been giving to Edo PDP and we wish your tenure as National Chairman becomes very successful so that it would lead us to majority of state government Houses and Aso Rock.

Be assured of our highest regards.

Signed: Patricia Abimbola Ero (Ex Officio)

Thomas Aroko
Asst. State Financial Secretary

Wilson Evbuomwan
Asst State Secretary, Edo South

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