Capt. Hosa Okunbo Wells Idahosa Sleeps On

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By Senator Ehigie Uzamere

It came unexpectedly. Though you had been ill, we never thought your time was up. But heaven knew. The elements knew.

Heaven itself blazed your exit. The clouds darkened in Benin City all day. The rain poured in torrents, with lightning and thunder. We huddled at home all through the day, not daring to step out in the inclement weather.

But the phones were open. And the call came in from London at 3am, announcing the dreaded news. Hosa had succumbed to the inevitable.

We all had hoped wealth and science could turn the deathly grip away. But no. Your allotted time on earth was up. The tears flowed. Deep sighs. Laboured exhalation. Questions. Why? Why? Why? But God gives and takes and would not answer such questions.

One year already gone, but we still talk about you in reminiscence. We miss your laughter. We miss your voice. We miss quintessential Capii. I miss that voice that would bellow: Loooord Uzams, where are you? No more would I reply: Great Capitano, I am on my way. But you live on in our hearts.

You live in your good works to humanity. Your name is still on the lips of the many lives you touched. Your kindness, yet unmatched!

Sleep on my dear brother, till resurrection day. My prayers and best wishes remain with your loved ones – your wife and children – you left behind. God will continue to be for them and with them.

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