Captain (Dr.) Hosa Wells Okunbo JP… A Year After

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By Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu

Time flies; a year has gone. August 8th, 2021 was a Sunday. I went to church as usual to worship and to pray especially for my beloved brother and friend, Captain (Dr.) Hosa Okunbo who was seriously sick in London.

I had bought a ticket to fly there on Monday and needed to undergo the mandatory COVID test on Sunday after service.

It was in church that the news filtered in like a thief; Captain had passed on!

In shock, disbelief, numbness and then with several sorrowful thoughts and conflicting emotions, I finally placed a call to the UK to ascertain for myself the torrents of grief and tributes I was receiving on my phone.

Unfortunately, the confirmation came like a slap and I retreated into a shell, confused and broken.

A year after, I still wish it wasn’t true. I still wish it was a bad dream you eventually wake up from and become relieved that it was just a nightmare. Alas, this is no dream. Captain is gone!

With 365 days past, I can attest to the reality of his absence.

It is quite sad, that someone so handsome; outwardly and inwardly, successful yet accessible and humble, caring and full of life would depart so prematurely.

His life was an epistle of vision, hard work, and uncommon generosity.

He was a vessel unto honour who delighted in doing good in measures that no other was capable.

He was a human angel who gave succour to the thousands whose path he crossed and the many others who were perfect strangers.

He was totally submissive to the will of God, compassionate, empathetic, and a good listener. He was philanthropic in the most phenomenal way.

Could he have known that his time was short and decided to use it well? As a mortal he was a living legend.

In death his legacies are on the land, in the air and on the sea for all to see.

His departure has created a void that is difficult to fill and as such we will remember him at all times and emulate his exemplary deeds. Captain lived for others and we are called to do the same.

We commiserate again with the immediate family; his wife, children and siblings and while praying that God should comfort and strengthen them, we also appeal to them to honour the spirit of our departed brother by living in peace, working together and being one united family.

Undoubtedly, we miss him greatly but we thank God for the exemplary life he lived and the legacy he left behind. We are further consoled by the words in Psalm 116:15:

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”

We pray that God will continue to grant him eternal rest!


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