Wike, Arrears of Derivation and the Search for Truth

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By Fred Edoreh 

In the season of politics people choose what to believe. They even argue against obvious facts and logic just to further their political objectives.

Governor Nyesom Wike disingenuously gave the impression that the outstanding 13% derivation owed oil producing states from 1999 has been fully paid and subtly tried to cause disaffection between the citizens of other states and their Governors.

Delta State has refuted Wike’s propaganda, explaining that the state has only received about 15% of the said outstanding payment, but political opponents are working hard to creat doubt among Deltans against the statement of the state.

In 2 Corinthians 13:1, the Bible says:
“By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.”

Thankfully, the issue of the outstanding 13% derivation does not involve only Delta State but other South South states as well and here is their testimony:

1. Edo State:
“Edo State Government yesterday said it had received only N2.1 billion in three tranches of N700 million out of N28 billion due to the state.

“The State Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Mr. Joseph Eboigbe, announced this at a press conference in Benin, explaining that ‘…in respect to the 13 per cent derivation refund currently making the waves, it was the Commissioners of Finance in Nigeria under the aegis of FAAC, especially those from the oil producing states, who spotted the fact that there was an anomaly in respect of the Federal Government spending money from crude oil and gas sales and not taking out derivation. So the work was done and a total of about one trillion naira was established as due to the oil producing states.’

“It went through the whole process and the FEC approved it. A methodology for repayment was approved by RMFAC. What was also approved was the way and manner this money will get to the states.

“The net amount will come to each state over five years; each year, you will have quarterly remittance which means four releases each year over five years.

“Edo State share of that figure was N28 billion. By the time they started the releases, Edo State got N700 million per quarter. What we have got is three quarterly releases so far and it is verifiable. It is in the bank. The office of the Accountant General has the records.

“So, our share was N28 billion. It is to be distributed in five years and that will be 20 quarterly distributions. Three has come so far.” – Source: Thisday Newspaper

2. Akwa Ibom State:
“A coalition of good governance groups under the umbrella of Akwa-Ibom Professionals has argued that contrary to claims by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike that the Federal Government has paid the full arrears of the 13 per cent derivation owed states of the South-South region since 1999, only about 15 per cent of the funds accruable to the states have been paid.

“Speaking to newsmen at the end of its stakeholders’ meeting in Abuja, the National Coordinator of the Coalition, Engr. Ufot Akan Umoren, averred that Wike did not get his claims right.

“According to him, Governor Wike, perhaps inadvertently, misrepresented facts regarding the payment of 13 per cent derivation to oil producing states.

“It is therefore important to state the facts the way they are and not subject such very sensitive issues to politics.

“Available records show the Federal Government has not paid any 23 years arrears, but only 10 months installments in line with the order of court to liquidate the arrears ‘in sixty equal monthly installments and disbursed to states quarterly, the first quarter being February to April 2022.’

“What this means is that only 10 months out of the 60 monthly installments have been paid with the remaining 50 months yet to be paid.”

My take: The lies and propaganda of the APC brought Nigeria to its present sorry situation. We must therefore understand that, no matter our political leaning, we must let facts remain sacred because lies return to haunt both the liers, the promoters and believers of the lies.

Fred Edoreh, writes from Asaba, Delta State 

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