Igueben Train Station Attack: Traditional Ruler, Local Security Fingered

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By Reporter 

Unconfirmed report has indicated that the recent attack by fulani kidnappers may have been home-grown.

Various high sources confirmed to Midwest Herald that a traditional ruler in one of the communities around the train station has volunteered information which subsequently led to the arrest of some local vigilant security operatives who are allegedly helping the police with their investigation.

This piece of information is also contained in an unverified voice note that was sent to Midwest Herald. This paper is unable to authenticate the voice and from where it was sent.

The voice can be heard clearly narrating the latest episode and the effort the variius security agencies have made to arrest those that carried out the dastardly attack.

“As at this morning, whether ‘na’ after drilling Onojie or I don’t know, the Onojie ‘na’ said he ‘nor’ take money, e ‘nor’ take cow, but ‘he know the poeple way do am for Udo’.

“So he mentioned some names and thay arrested some thirty boys for Udo last night. They actually agreed that they have them one cow and twenty thousand each…on the 21st…The narrator continued in Esan language.

“These boys are also part of Igueben vigilante. So the people that employed to protect the community, ‘na em go collect cow and collect twenty, twenty thousand naira.”

Midwest Herald also gathered from the narration that after the attack, the police hurriedly deployed personnel to block all escape routes, but sadly, the compromised local vigilantes allegedly informed the kidnappers and showed them escape route.

All those fingered, we learnt, may have been transfered to the police cammand in Benin City.

When contacted, a source that has been working to ensure the release of the victims told Midwest Herald that he was yet to be briefed by the police and pleaded for more time.

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