Orbih Breaks Silence, says there are Unanswered Questions…Rule of Law is Supreme!

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By Reporter

Chief Dan Orbih, National Vice-Chairman, South-South of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reacted to the judgement of the Supreme Court on Edo PDP candidates Crisis for the 2023 elections.

Chief Orbih called for calm, of all members of the Legacy Group and all party members in the state, but insisted that, there are unanswered questions but the rule of law is supreme.

He described the long-drawn struggle in the party in the state as “a patriotic fight for internal democracy, justice, inclusiveness, equity, and a better state.”

Orbih said he had no regrets for insisting that “the principles of the party’s constitution and the interest of the majority of its members are respected and institutionalized through a fair and transparent democratic process.”

Chief Orbih thanked all members of the Legacy Group for their “unwavering commitment to true democracy, justice, fairness and the progress of the party”, adding that the fruits of your just struggle will manifest in due course.

“We cannot bow to despondency or surrender to the seductive appeal of those who have abused the trust of the people and their obvious tyrannical tendencies.

“A lot of water has passed under the bridge, God knows what transpired.

“For our supported candidates and our dear leaders, you have done very well to defend the party.

“I am inspired by your unwavering commitment for fairness and true democracy. Trust me, You will never walk alone. I am with you.”

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