2024 Debate: “Out of The Lot Advertising Favourite Photos… Seeking Opportunity to Be Governor, Prof Oserhiemen Osunbor Stands Out for Endorsement” – Osaro Ibezugbe

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“This argument, sound as it appears, is a pathway to unnecessary collision with the relative peace and political stability in Edo State.

“Edo Central, and Edo North cannot be blamed for the docility, complacency and unpatriotic disposition of political actors of Edo South, even till date, as have been demonstrated by the incumbent Governor of the State.

“It is one thing to have power, and another thing to know what to do with that power, and how to use it. Edo South lacks political leadership today only because of the self centered disposition and posturing of its political actors.

“Note my not referring to them as leaders. Because, a leader is selfless, and possessed of a sense of collectivism rather than personal interest.

“In the example of the creation of Local Government Areas cited by the writer, how can you blame people for their good sense of responsibility? Where were Edo South actors when those creations were being negotiated?

“I can bet they were pursuing their selfish personal interests with the same Government. Other than Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia of blessed memory, which other person from Edo South has provided political leadership in the State? None!

“In the history of the geopolitical entity, dating back from the Mid-West Region, through Bendel State to the present Edo State, there have been only three political leaders, in the true sense of the word, and they are: Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia (Edo South), Professor Ambrose Alli (Edo Central), and only recently, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole (Edo North).

“All others, who have stopped at Osadébé Avenue, have been political jobbers after their personal aggrandizement, much at the expense of the State and its people.

“For the sake of peace and progress in the State, let us refrain from this unnecessary journey of errors and political festering, as it portends to no good, or useful purpose.

“It is best that we seek out the best for the exalted office of Governor of our State, regardless of which part of the State he/she is from, and learn how to hold our public office holders accountable for our wellbeing.

“In the present circumstances preparatory to the gubernatorial election in 2024, there’s no gainsaying the fact that Edo Central should take its turn for the governorship, Edo South having had about four terms (under Chief Lucky Igbinedion and Mr. Godwin Obaseki), and Edo North having had two terms (under Comrade Adams Oshiomhole).

“This is in the spirit of equity and fair play. Whatever each District does while in office, is up to them, as well as the people of the State to judge.

“We should also discountenance those habitual seasonal contestants jostling for the position of Governor of the State.

“They’re up to no good, other than their selfish personal interest. They come every four years to contest elections, after which you don’t see or hear from them again, until the next election season.

“An exception to the above is Professor Oserhiemen Osunbor who, incidentally, is from Edo Central. Out of the lot advertising their favorite photographs now in want of opportunity to run for the office of Governor of Edo State, Professor Oserhiemen Osunbor stands out as the only one that merits the endorsement.

“I speak without prejudice or bias, and without fear, or favour. I speak in the overriding public interest of Edo State.”

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