Abba Kyari: Lessons from His Death and Burial

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By Anonymous

First they broke lockdown rules by flying him from Abuja to Lagos.

Then they treated him privately at First Cardiology in Ikoyi despite positivity and isolating other positive members of the public in isolation centre, some people by force despite personal protests.

Then they flew his Covid-19 positive corpse back to the Federal Capital Territory for burial.

Then they released the corpse for burial contrary to what Lai Mohammed said that Covid-19 dead bodies cannot be released for burial.

Then ovee 500 people gathered for the burial effectively breaking Federal Government’s rule that not more than 20 to 50 people can gather at a point in time.

Then, they dug a shallow grave for his remains in the centre of town, Gudu cemetery, Abuja.

Some of the undertakers that happily ‘romaticed’ his corpse neither wore masks or any other Personal Protecrion Equipment, PPE, especially the grave diggers.

Several sympathisers, including a man who wore Green traditional attire were without PPE, even touched the body whilst helping the undertakers.

Some workers in PPE were even seen touching their faces and goggles after carrying the corpse, with part of their clothes visibly sweepiy the dead body under from their PPE as they lowered the body into the shallow grave.

What more, Abba Kyari’s corpse was buried in just white traditional robes. No body bag, no consideration for the people, or the environment.

No protection from possible thieves and grave scavengers who may want to come scavenge his body in the dark of the night.

No instruction for or plan to isolate every one at the burial for the mandatory 14 days after the burial.

How is this leading by example? How does a government make the rules and then shamelessly break the rules on National Television for all to see.

Abuja should brace for impact in the next 14 days.

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