Aftermath of Attack: NRC Closes Igueben Train Station

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By Reporter 

The Nigeria Railway Corporation has announced the closure of Ekehen, Igueben Station in Edo State till further notice.

The organisation said the decision is as a result of rising security challenges. Midwest Herald had earlier today, reported the attack and adoption of passengers yesterday, January 7, 2023.

The decision by NRC is contained in a public announcement, posted on the passengers’ WhatsApp Group, according to report. The closure according to the statement, is till further notice.

The statement reads: “This is to inform our general public and most especially our esteemed passengers, that Ekehen Station has been temporarily closed due to security issues, till further notice.”

A second internal memo reads: “Due to the incident at Ekehen station on Saturday, WITS 01/ 02 will no longer stop at Ekehen Station. Please advise our customers.”

In our report, we reported that, gunmen on Saturday evening, abducted many passengers waiting to board a train from the Igueben station in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State to Warri in Delta State. Several people sustained injuries.

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