Akenzua Responds to Oba Ewuare II – “Our Demand for Traditional Councils in Edo South Local Government Areas, Aimed at Fostering Urbanization, Greater Development”

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By Correspondent

Enogie Evbuobanosa, Prof. Gregory Akenzua who was recently suspended from his office as the Duke of Evbuobanosa Dukedom, in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State, has reacted to all the allegations that were leveled against him by the Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare II, which led to his suspension.

In his reponse titled: “My Orchestrated Trial in Absentia: Observations and Concerns”, Prof. Akenzua admitted being part of the Enigies that wrote a request letter for the constitution of Local Government Traditional Council for the Seven local councils in Edo South.

“I have kept a studied silence in the wake of the recent and not so recent past that culmulated in my orchestrated trial in absentia and ultimate suspension as Enogie of Evbuobanosa.” Professor Gregory Akenzua wrote.

Part of the observations raised by Oba Ewuare II uncle is that, those that protested to the palace against him were “summond” to appear before the Oba and they were not there as protesters.

“Contrary to the impression given that the people of Evbuobanosa and the associated communities came spontaneously on their own to the Oba’s palace to protest against the Enogie Evbuobanosa, it was clear from the video recording that they were actually summond to appear before your majesty.

“It was also evident that some of them were tutored and teleguided by the palace functionaries on what to say when making their presentation to the chiefs or before your majesty.

“They infact continued to be so guided in the course of making their presentation as the voices of their prompters remained audible throughout, howbeit in hush tones.

“The pictorials in some instances also confirmed this fact.” Akenzua added.

Defending his role in the request by 86 other Enigies to Governor Godwin Obaseki for the constitution of Local Government Traditional Councils, Akenzua said: “On the letter written to the State Governor requesting the establishment of Traditional Councils in the local Governments in Edo South Senatorial District, having compared the higher levels of development and urbanisation of the different towns and communities in the local governments of Edo North and Edo Central Senatorial Districts, with the relatively lower level in Edo South, I and eighty six (86) other Enigies came to the conclusion that one way of fostering urbanization and greater development in these places would be to create traditional councils at that level.

“The possibility of creating such additional Traditional Councils is already envisaged and statutorily provided for in the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs law of Edo State.

“Accordingly, I and other Enigies then wrote to the governor who is the appropriate authority for the purpose, requesting for the creation.

“The supervisory authority of your majesty over all such Traditional Councils in Edo South is always acknowledged and emphasized in the law.

“Taking a cue from similar existing Traditional Councils existing in Edo North and Edo Central, were their existence has not in any way adversely affected the authority of the traditional rulers in these places, the objective of the letter was to bring development closer to the people.”

On this matter, Akenzua added that: “Your majesty’s angst with regard to this matter, is that the proposal should have been discussed with you before being presented to the governor.

“As lines of communication and opportunities for Enigies as a group to deliberate with your majesty on important matters go, it is instructive to point out that, to date, no meeting of the Benin Traditional Council has been held, since your majesty ascended the throne in 2016.”

The matter, Prof. Akenzua said, has since snowballed into an accusation that, the letter was meant to be a coup against the Oba, that was designed to whittle down the powers of the Oba of Benin, dismember and reduce the Benin Kingdom.

“On the contrary, as I have pointed out…, the objective of the proposal in that letter was to seek ways to extend development beyond Benin City, to all Benin Communities.” Enogie Evbuobanosa emphasized.

In the final analysis, Akenzua regretted that the Oba has given those who accused him, the role of passing judgement on his fitness to hold the office of an Enogie.

“It becomes even more disconcerting that your majesty has given to my accusers and traducers, the roll of passing judgement on my fitness to continue in office as Enogie Evbuobanosa, having at the same time, made them the judge over their accusations; the main offence being that I was one of those who signed a letter unfairly characterized as a coup plot against your majesty.

“This too is against the other basic principle of justice that a man must not be a judge in his own (cause) expressed in the Latin maxim ‘nemo judex in causa sua.”

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