Capt ‘Hosa Distance Himself from Edo Political Rivalry

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For the umpteenth time, Capt Hosa Okunbor has spoken out against those using his name to gain political support as well as speculative writers, falsely accusing him of rolling out billions to fund Oshiomhole’s attack against Governor Nogheghase Obaseki.

In one of the several unsubstantiated reports, the writer falsely claimed that “Captain Hosa Okunbor has doled out billions of naira in support of Comrade Oshiomhole’s attack on Obaseki…”

The weird report added that, “…their rivalry appears to have been set side in a mutually-beneficial objective to creep back into the Edo State treasury for a looting spree.”

The hack writers who obviously are paid to sensationalize the unfortunate political drama in Edo State, would wants the public to believe their ‘pop fiction’ as ‘true’.

The award winning businessman therefore calls on Nigerians, especially the political class and the business community to note and believe that as a serious and focused entrepreneur, he would not deploy his resources to support or fight needless political battles.

“It is the figment of imagination of the talebearers that I am now investing money said to be in billions of naira with the hope to reap back in multiple folds to the detriment of Edo people.

“My focus is to support governments, and in particular, President Mohammadu Buhari’s quest to reduce the high level unemployment through the provision of jobs for Nigerians.

“Nothing else apart from this objective forms the core values of my enterprise.” Capt Idahosa Okunbor reassured!

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