Capt. Hosa Wells Okunbo’s Demise… Tragic Development!!!

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By Dr.Osahon Enabulele

It was with great shock that I received this morning the shocking news of the demise of a foremost Nigerian and great Edioid Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo.

Indubitably, his demise,particularly at this trying moment in our national history as a country, is a very tragic and melancholic development.

While I share the pains of his beloved family and loved ones over his earthly transition, his death has revealed once again that this terrestrial plane is a truly transient place for God’s creatures.

Indeed, we are undeniably passengers on this terrestrial plane and
only our almighty creator can tell the precise time of our departure and the departure of our loved ones.

But there again, life is not how long one lives but how well and strong one finishes the race of life,for we will be pre-eminently remembered for our deeds on this terrestrial plane.

This explains why the death of our loved ones,as painful as it is,provides yet another opportunity for one to consciously reflect, refocus, and rededicate ourselves to cherished cardinal and theological virtues, and the upliftment of our common humanity.

Though I never had the privilege of close familiarity with Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo, from what one knew and read about his works, my impression is that he undoubtedly worked hard to make his contributions and left his legacies as a human creature of God.

Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo surely did his best to impact on his communities and his fellow homo sapiens, for which many will surely miss him.

But I adjure his immediate family and loved ones left behind to take solace in his luminous legacies and the fact that only God knows why he was called at this time.

My deepest condolences to his immediate family and loved ones. I pray God to comfort them and every one of us, my fellow Edo state citizens and Nigerians, in general.

I pray our almighty and omniscient creator to grant the great soul of Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo eternal repose.

Adieu our ever effervescent, audacious and philanthropic Captain!

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