Edo PDP: Celebrating Void Victory!

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By Orobosa Omo-Ojo JP

In last 24 hours or so, I have unbelievably read all manner of articles celebrating the Federal High Court judgement, retraining the “…PDP National Chairman and the National Working Committee from tampering, changing, altering, removal and unlawful replacement of the Edo State PDP Executives as voted for, elected and duly sworn in at the 2020 PDP State Congresses.”

Some hailed the judgement as “landmark.” There is nothing landmark about a directive to respect the constitution of the party. If anything, this is very elementary, going by the principle of constitutional adherence.

Rather than celebrate, the judgement or any other one in the offing, the outcome should be a source of worry to the PDP leaders, because of the dangers ahead of 2023.

Curiously, the PDP passed through this mournful way – the journey to the hill of Golgotha, the place of the skull, where they lost all in 2007.

They went ahead to stay in exile for 12 years.

The skirmishes, court orders, deregistration, physical and verbal assaults, until the breakaway of the faction that was led by then incumbent governor, Lucky Igbinedion. The group joined force with Mr. Adams Oshiomhole who they invited from Labour Party, and the rest they say is history.

Intrinsically, all the major actors are presently spread across intra and inter party divide which makes a repeat of 2007 tempting. The trouble then was between Governor Igbinedion and his godfather, Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory.

The cheerleaders that were on both sides are still very active in the ongoing unnecessary attrition. The benefactor of that 2007 PDP self-inflicted defeat, ex governor Oshiomhole, is now a well-rounded politician, holding sway and watching from close distance.

In the circumstance that the Peoples Democratic Party has found itself, it will be in the interest of all sides to close ranks and prevent the impending hurricane that lies ahead.

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine!

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