Funke Akindele… Dance of A Dunce

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By Editor

“Mbok, I am not calling anybody a dunce o. It is like that Kelvin Costner Movie- Dances with Wolves. The film no concern any Wolf o.

“You know we creative people like to be colourful and dramatic. I have been thinking since this thing erupted how I will title my own contribution so that it will stand out.

“I must confess that this very talented and beautiful actress did a very mumu thing hosting that party. As if that is not bad enough, her husband did another mumu thing by posting the video on social media.

“That is how her fans already frustrated with hunger and sexual deprivation that have come with this lockdown descended on them like locusts and the government decided to act. Well, let me tell you guys, the main issue here.

“This madam has about 5% of our population following her on her social media handles. She is a megastar influencer using her alter ego – Jenifa.

“So she was the obvious tool when the government was looking for a way to penetrate a skeptical population. She was the one the NCDC and the other private firms rushed to, to send a strong message to the masses. Which she did with all the talent God bestowed on her. Then she turned mad.

“She did the party which went against all that she stood for as per this COVID-19 wahala. So the government did a very powerful thing by using her as a scapegoat to further strengthen the message.

“So her million followers watched her humiliation and that of her husband, whom I heard first ran away before resurfacing. Me, I support this move if for nothing else for at least the people to see that the situation is a very serious one.

“We cannot be joking with lives at this point. So you see why I have titled this the ‘dance of a dunce’ because this was really a mumu thing to do.”


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