How Church Killed Sammie Okposo – Sulaiman, Damina

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Recall that Sammie Okposo passed away last Friday November 25, 2022. Unconfirmed reports said he slumped at his Lagos residence.

Expectedly, Okposo’s death has generated reactions from both the christian and secular communities.

Several church leaders have sent the their tributes to eulogize the singer, including those of Apostle Johnson Suleman and Dr. Abel Damina.

Suleman called out the church for not giving Okposo the needed support during his trying moment. The singer was on the receiving end of a heated backlash in January after he admitted to cheating on his wife.

In a Twitter post, Suleman said many of the people mourning Okposo now abandoned him during the backlash.

“Now they post his pictures, but never reached out in his trying times.

“He told me what pastors did to him and we both wept. Love has left the church.

“We have more ‘lawyers’ who are ready to judge than intercessors ready to restore. Rest in power my brother. You conquered.” Suleman wrote.

Dr. Abel Damina, head and founder of KLN TV and Power City International, condemned the church for their role in the death of Sammie.

A sermon posted on online, Damina accused the church of always exhibiting “wickedness and cruelty” towards members involved in compromising situations instead of showing them love.

“Yesterday, I was at the airport with Matthew Ashimolowo when he told me Sammie Okposo is dead. I was like what happened?

“And when l went on social media, I saw a lot of people writing RIP and what came to my mind was the cruelty of the church, the wickedness in the heart of people that are in the church.

“Not too long ago, the man was in a situation and all the church did was team up, scandalized, announced, wound him, cancelled his meetings, stop him from their churches without even telling him, shut him down, delete his number, block his number. As far as they are concerned, he is now satan.

“The only organisation on earth that wounds the wounded is the church.

“A brother does something wrong, a sister does something wrong, instead of the church to come round and give support…they threw him out. Even if you want to rebuke, you do that in love.” Damina said.

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  1. Thank God he reconciled with his faith and loved ones . It’s not the church that marked salvation. Salvation is only God’s to give .

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