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Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen has come up with another bang from his bag of creative ingenuity.

Latest addition to Lancelot’s ever bulging credentials is Benin Film Academy, BFA, Half Hour, a series spiced with different segments viz vox pop, rendition of poetry, celebrity corner and mini drama.

The series, which is handled totally by the students of the Benin Film Academy, is already showing on two of Benin top TV stations – ITV and EBS – with rave reviews.

Addressing a gathering of journalists and Edo State Government officials who were present at a preview programme held to showcase the series and its crew members, Lancelot asserted that the series is a product of the creative brain of the academy trainees.

He disclosed that the mini drama, which was a segment of the series, won critical acclaim at a recent film festival in Lagos.

The award-winning producer known in Nollywood as the governor, appealed to the state government to support the initiative which he affirmed will be a good addition to the Edo State job creation concept.
Responding, an official of the Edo State Government owned agency, Edo Jobs, promised that the government is open to supporting the creative hub to achieve profitability.

Director of the academy, Osa Earliece, stated that the academy was created as an avenue to impart creativity on those thirsting for knowledge in that aspect.

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