Midwest Herald Achievers Award: Call for Nominations

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The Midwest Herald Community Newspaper was founded over 20 years ago to inform and educate Nigerians about the grassroots activities, especially in Edo and Delta States.

As part of our sustainability strategy for political, cultural and economic development, we developed The Midwest Achievers Awards to identify, encourage and promote genuine Men and Women who have contributed positively to the corporate existence of Edo and Delta States.

The objective of these awards is to reward those that have managed to exemplified themselves in a near chaotic environment, with distinctive character traits and actions.

The present call for nominations aims at selecting Winners in the following categories:

– Award for Exemplary Youth. 

– Award for Innovative Brand/Service. 

– Award for Outstanding Political Leader. 

– Award for Humanitarian Mission. 

The dealine for submission is November 1, 2023.

Interested individuals, Corporate Organizations, Faith Based Groups and Cultural Associations are encouraged to send  nominations.

All nominations must be submitted on behalf of the nominee. Self-nominations will not be reviewed.

Submission: tribalheritage.afrika@gmail.com Or whatsapp: 08140413376 

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