“My Next Step in God’s Hands” – Shaibu, Edo Dep. Gov.

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By Publisher

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu has committed his next political move in the hands of God.

Shaibu, a devout Catholic shared this, amongst other national and state issues in an interview, to be published soon by Midwest Herald.

The former legislator spoke exclusively to the publisher, Mr. Orobosa Omo-Ojo JP at his residence.

Shaibu attributed all his actions to God and also gave his wife, Comrade (Mrs.) Maryann Philip-Shaibu the credit for constantly reminding him of the benevolence of God in his life.

“My wife will always encourage me not to quit whenever I feel like quitting. She tells me, if you quit you are not a man. She reminds me of thousands of people looking up to me as role model and motivator”

The Deputy Governor explained that his realization of the fact that there can only be one governor in a state, has led to the seamless relationship between him and his boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki.

“There cannot be two governors in a state. It is one governor and one deputy governor, and the deputy governor’s role is to support the governor.

“The deputy governor should know that he is not the governor, so no matter what assignment he is given, even if he is given opportunity to act, he is only acting on behalf of the governor.”

The former majority leader in Edo State House of Assembly retorted that he is lucky to have a governor who believes in him and trust that he has his back.

“I am loyal to a fault and I believe in respect for constituted authority, no matter what is involved. My focus is always the vision”, Shaibu added that, he has not betrayed Obaseki’s trust in him.

Asked if he was going to take a deserved rest after his astronomical ascendancy in politics, Rt. Hon Philip Shaibu minced no words. “No I will not be resting because I still have a lot of energy, there are a lot of things that are still possible to achieve in politics.

“I can assure you my brother, that, I am not going to rest, I can assure you that, where I am going next, as I speak, it is in the hands of God.”

He explained how God changed his part in politics from legislative to executive arm, where he intends to stay for the good of Edo people.

“One thing I know, with my age and experience and the energy I still have, I know am not quitting yet!”

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