Oshiomhole… A Deceptive Expert in when to Wait, Feint, Withdraw or Attack Obliquely

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The intractable political turmoil in Edo State is largely traceable to the insatiable manipulation of just one man. Comrade Adam Oshiomohle. In and out of office, he has remained an intriguing pain and gain.

No political leader in the modern history of the State has held as much mesmerizing power over Edo People and none has inflicted as deep a catastrophic division on the State as Oshiomohle. The reason is simple. His lust for control, dominance and the fear of betrayal.

Historians and researchers will have a difficult task disconstructing the deranging effects of his vision and intrigues focusing on his attempts to impose his small frame on the larger events and effectivities in Edo State.

The Action Group/ NCNC fights for political relevance in the sixties was externally organized and financed with devastating consequences. Yet that inglorious chapter is nothing compared to the local annihilative politics of operation every knee must bow espoused by Comrade Oshiomohle, who deceptively charmed many with his sympathetic and casual mien, drawing up on his psychological reserves of anger and contempt.

Yes, contempt matched only by self-criticism designed to goad, praise, flatter and worship him, spawning a new culture of abasement.

As a master of strategy, he disdainfully discarded those politically and economically useless to him and coolly and unembarrassingly recalled them back, when it was convenient to use them.

A deceptive expert in when to wait, feint, withdraw or attack obliquely. But he has failed in deploying these tactics in the political conflicts in the State, unnecessarily prolonging the turmoil. It’s time to stop and negotiate a ceasefire.

Politics in a dictatorship begins in the personality of the dictator. Comrade’s continuous desperation to solely exercise sovereignty over the political clock and calendar of Edo State is fraught with bloodletting consequences. His spider position at the centre of the party’s factional web is weak and rests on the shoulders of disgruntled, disloyal and disinterested Comrades.

Except reasons prevail and apply the brakes, these divisions will spew volcanic lavas, obliterating all who provoked the volcano. The coronation anniversary by the Oba of Benin, is a timely opportunity to remind all that Oshiomohle planted, Obaseki watered but it’s only the good people of Edo State and God that causes increase.

Culled from the Diary of Jefferson Uwoghiren Esq. October 20th, 2019.

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