Oshiomhole Confirms Attack on Oba Akiolu, Obaseki, Shaibu, Makanjuola, Others

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…Benin Chief calls Ex-Gov. Tribalist

After initial denial from the camp of Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, of the reported attack on the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, the Chancellor of Edo University, Iyamho, Chief Remi Makanjuola as well as the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, Oshiomhole has eventually owned up. He also regretted the condemnable activities of his wards and thugs who he confirmed that he “left instructions” not to grant access to certain persons who he considers as foes.

His admittance may not be unconnected with the wide negative publicity that is trailing the violent attack on the distinguished Nigerians.

The All Progressives Progressives Congress, APC National Chairman, confirmed that, thugs loyal to him who were around to protect him, carried out the attack in a statement he released through his Chief Press, Simon Ebegbulem.

While apologising to those his supporters attacked, including Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu, and Chancellor of Edo University, Iyahmo, Chief Remi Makanjuola and others, Oshiomhole revealed that “the people who unleashed mayhem on vehicles were the thugs who invaded the university community on the orders of the deputy governor of the state, Philip Shaibu.”

He explained that he “invited the Oba of Lagos, the Chancellor and others for lunch” at his country home which is right opposite the university.

The dimunitive former unionist admitted that he left “instruction” at the gate that he was expecting these “respected leaders.” The question however being asked by a vast number of watchers is, if Oshiomhole also left instruction on those he has declared as persona non grata.

The controversial two term governor ironically made a U-turn in his statement and also laid blame of the bloody attack on Oba Akiolu, his successor, Obaseki, his deputy, Mr. Philip Shiabu and others on Iyamho youths who he had invited earlier in the day through a town crier. He emphasised that the presence of Mr. Andrew Momodu and Mr. Osaigbovo Ihoha infuriated the his irate supporters to attack the Bus that conveyed the dignitaries.

In the statement, Oshiomhole claimed that “when the visitors came, the governor drove in a bus with other officials but following the incident that occurred earlier, where thugs invaded the university, Iyamho youths barricaded the gate (Oshiomhole’s), with a view to protecting him against any harm.

“However, Comrade Oshiomhole expresses his sincere apologies to the governor, the revered Oba of Lagos and the Chancellor over the unfortunate incident.” The statement concluded.

Investigations by Midwest Herald Community Newspaper controverts Oshiomhole’s story as half truth. It was discovered that both Messrs Andrew Momodu and Osaigbovo Ihoha were at the precinct of the university and not inside the bus that conveyed the governor and others to Oshiomhole’s home – across the road.

More compelling is the account of one of the would-be Oshiomhole’s guest that was in the bus when it was attacked.

“If I were told that this kind of shameful and dastardly act took place in the home of our National Chairman, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole I would have defended it so blindly because I would have presumed that it was never going to be possible.

“I thank God however that it was not a story after all as I was right inside the bus with the Governor Obaseki himself, Deputy Governor Shaibu who actually wanted to come down but was prevailed upon not to so as to avoid bloodshed and he listened to the counsel otherwise I am so very sure the story being written today about this stupid and senseless act would have been differently told .

“In the bus also was the Senator who represented that District in the 7th Assembly Senator Domingo Obende, The Chancellor of the Edo State University and his lovely wife, Dr. Aderemi Makonjuola, Oba Otudeko, Mr. Kekere Eku, Otunba Dr. Alex Onabanjo, and many other notable dignitaries in the bus.

“In the other vehicles behind us were the Oba of Lagos Oba Akinolu and his chiefs and very important entourage and two other buses and cars which equally included the VC of the University who also got baptized in the process and his vehicle damaged.

“The sight was not a true representation of Edo hospitality but a clear manifestation of ignorance and total disregard to a constituted authority.

“How can a governor be attacked in the home of his own party National Chairman when in actual fact it was the National Chairman himself who made the request that we should all come for lunch in his house before we depart for Benin?” The gentleman who preferred to remain unanimous now asked.

An indigene of the community gave a vivid account of the preceding events that took place early yesterday.

“As early as 8 am today (November 3, 2019), a village town crier went round Iyamho, Oshiomhole’s village, calling all able bodied men to assemble at Oshiomhole’s residence at 10am to accompany Oshiomhole to Iyamho university.

“I was at the first gate to the University at about 10:30am when the village youths who were singing war songs, actually accompanied Oshiomhole’s convoy to the convocation venue.

“Having done that, they retreated back to the first gate again. First trouble started when the Deputy Governor arrived with a very massive crowd of men, women and youths who were colourfully dressed in Obaseki/Shaibu 2020 shirts and caps.

“The intimidating crowd that came with the Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu got the Iyamho villagers completely deflated and defeated. They immediately became dejected and confused. They however endured their defeat in frustration till the end of the convocation program when Oshiomhole came out of the venue to go home. As soon as they saw Oshiomhole, they began to sing again even though Pro-Obaseki singers still appeared stronger and louder while security agents were doing their best to control the situation.

“The Iyamho villagers finally got an opportunity to display their frustration when Governor Obaseki, in company of his Deputy, Comrade Shaibu, Oba of Lagos and other dignitaries wanted to show some courtesy to Oshiomhole at his residence before departing. As soon as the convoy got to Oshiomhole’s gate which is a stone throw from the university gate, the unruly Iyamho village youths began to throw stones at the convoy of cars.

“At that point the convoy reversed and returned to the university premises where the Governor, his Deputy and other top dignitaries boarded their choppers and returned to Benin.”

The puzzling question for so many is Oshiomhole’s love for street urchins and political thugs who he recently referred to as his “infantry”.

“It is a shame that the APC national chairman cannot even ensure peace in his home and guarantee the safety of his visitors.” A commentator lamented.

Governor Obaseki was however more diplomatic in his reaction as he simply described the attack as unfortunate.

“It is very unfortunate that we cannot feel safe in the house of our national chairman. I am not sure that if I visit the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that they will attack me the way they did in the house of the APC National Chairman.

“It is unfortunate that things have degenerated to this extent. But we will continue to sue for peace. We cannot afford to lose the gains of the last three years. We will continue to pursue peace,” he said.

It will be recall that
Oshiomhole staged a phantom attack recently in his Benin City home and later circulated a midnight video where he addressed unruly youths he called his ‘infantry’. His complaint was refused by the Edo State Police Commissioner, DanMallam Muhammed, who restated the State Police Command’s position that there was no attack on the person or residence of Adams Oshiomhole.

With the unprovoked attack on Governor Godwin Obaseki in Iyamho, and at the residence of his predecessor who has locked horns with him over the control of political structure, there are fears that Oshiomhole’s Kinsmen may have introduced ethnic dimension into the political struggle.

A palace chief who confided in Midwest Herald last night, opined that Oshiomhole’s latest tactics has exposed him as a tribalist who is scared of Obaseki’s achievements and has also revealed the true reason why he has been supporting dissentions within the All Progressives Congress in Edo State.

He was quick to state that with the attack on “our son, Obaseki, we are not going to fold our arms and watch a man who we gave our support for Eight years to deprive us of a second term in government house.”

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