PDP Bauchi Retreat and The Challenge of Internal Democracy

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Today all 13 governors elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will converge in Bauchi State to take stock of what is left of the party after a less impressive and embarrassing outing in the national and state elections.

The meeting was shifted from yesterday, June 2nd to today, June 3, 2023.

Presently, the PDP controls 13 states, down from 16 before the elections. The ruling party – the All Progressives Congress (APC) are comfortably sitting on top with 20 states and majority seats in both the Senate and Federal House of Representatives. Such is the slippery and treacherous mountain that is confronting the PDP.

Before the election, PDP was Nigeria’s beautiful bride, but the high expectation was washed away simply by PDP’s failure to adhere strictly or loosely to internal democracy.

Across the country, there were outcry of imposition of preferred aspirants as candidates and to make matters worse, the leadership of the party feigned ignorance and failed to tame the monster that has now ripped the party across Nigeria.

Therefore, the number one item that should be on the party’s agenda today and tomorrow, must be the ‘How’ to rework the once humongous PDP and put it on track to win future elections. The leadership and governors are meeting to interface with the elected Federal Legislators and also elect the Chairman and Vice Chairman of PDP Governors Forum.

This paper urges the PDP to outsource its house cleaning and cleansing to nationalists, to carry out objective audit of its failings – especially the impact of imposition politics and the resultant results. This is the only cure for the spiral decline of PDP in Nigeria’s political space.

None of the present leaders is capable of instilling discipline and fairness in the party’s operation, because of their inclination to factional politics.

A stitch in time, the wise will say, saves nine! A problem solved immediately may prevent it from growing tap and fibrous roits.

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