Tinubu’s Sabotage of Nigerian Democracy (3) 

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By Erasmus Ikhide 

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (BAT) ravenous attack dog; the precursor of genocidal politicking, and the Chief-thug of Lagos and Yoruba ethnic ideology: Mr Bayo Onanuga, has done violence to the supposed ‘Nigeria Dreams’.

Bayo and his co-travellers have been vigorously chanting ethnic sentiments, deviously against the Igbos in Lagos and other parts of the six South West States, while Tinubu, the bearer of the nation’s stolen mandate, has overtly endorsed the divisive and primitive antics of his ethnic-blinded media propagandist.

Bayo’s toxic ethnic slur against the Igbos and his scornful response, that he had no apologies to make for inciting genocide against the Igbos is the worst form of irredentism; bigotry, ethnocentric madness that exposes his bizarre humanity, that seeks to remake a nation in his own image of destruction, to further dehumanise a people made stark victims by heavy handed and cold blooded tyrant, who has glaringly subverted and truncated citizens’ rights, over the last two decades in Lagos State.

The outcome of March 18, 2023 Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections in Lagos was prosecuted on Bayo Onanuga’s violent prescription of voters’ suppression, vote-buying, outright intimidation, maiming and killing of citizens, who openly refused to be bought or buy into APC/Tinubu’s concocted facade of nihilist democracy.

It’s clear that Tinubu’s ultimate goal is to turn Nigeria into a one party dictatorship, based on the autocratic and totalitarian ideology of Adolf Hitler’s Nazism in Germany, in the 1930s. One of Atiku Abubakar’s media aides succinctly described anarchism in Lagos thus:

“What the world witnessed in Lagos at the March 18 governorship election was nothing short of Nazism”.

It was the tactic employed by Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. At that time, they engaged in profiling and used the Jews as their punching bag. Today, Tinubu has launched an assault on the Igbos and all non-Yoruba speaking people in Lagos.

“Tinubu has adopted fascism with disdain for liberal democracy. With what happened in Lagos, Tinubu has elevated dictatorship, scientific racism, and Yoruba tribal supremacy and wants to take it to the federal level”, Atiku’s media aide said.

The doomsday ahead of Tinubu’s Presidency is predicated on Bayo Onanuga’s violent proposition of ethnic cleansing, as we know it in Rwanda genocide. When confronted with his ethnic biles that clouded and characterised Tinubu’s sabotaging of Nigerian democratic process, Bayo quipped:

“I owe no one apology for ethnic slur against Igbos; they are threats to Yorubas”. Bayo Onanuga, the spokesperson for Bola Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council, has been doubling down on this lay as an ethnic potentate, insisting the Igbos are “existential threats” to Yorubas.

How? What’s the offence of the Igbo race in Lagos and in Nigeria? For exercising their franchise right to vote in an election in their own country? President Barack Obama’s father was of Kenyan origin, but he governed the United States of America with his African American wife for 8-year without interruption, to global admiration and applause. It’s this abhorrent cynicism of who we are, rather than what we are, that created the gaping fissure that truncated the “Nigerian Dreams”.

Criticised for his controversial and divisive ethnocentric statements, Mr Onanuga in another tweet said :“Let me make myself abundantly clear: the views I express on Twitter are my personal views.l don’t owe anyone any apology for addressing the existential threats of our people. I am after all, first of all a Yoruba, before being a Nigerian,” he added.

Earlier on Sunday, in a tweet pushed towards the exclusion of Nigerians of Igbo extraction from Lagos political power; marking an escalation of ethnic controversies that enveloped the governorship election of March 18, Bayo wrote: “Let 2023 be the last time of Igbo interference in Lagos politics,” Mr Onanuga intoned, tweeting a photo of Peter Obi, an Igbo from Anambra State, who backed Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, a Yoruba from Lagos, in the Saturday’s election. “Let there be no repeat in 2027.”

Bayo’s outright call for a second time pogrom against the Igbo race in Lagos after the mindless Civil War between 1967/1970, further emboldened MC Olu Omo, Bola Tinubu’s ethnic militia felon, to engage in the gospel of butchering the Igbos in Lagos.

While Olu Omo’s wives and children are safely kept away in the United States of America – courtesy of Tinubu’s largeness of heart – the bloodlust head of his killer’s squad, who has been burning down Igbo people’s businesses; maiming and killing while complicit security agencies stood aloof.

Bayo Onanuga’s calls for organized massacre of the Igbos in Lagos is at best, a crime against humanity, at worst, sardonic ventilation of beastly instinct, yearning for the conquest of his betters.

Erasmus Ikhide can be reached via: ikhideerasmus@gmail.com

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