We’re Committed to Strengthening Edo Health System

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By Gov. Godwin Obaseki

This year’s World Health Day presents yet another opportunity to increase awareness on the need to step up global efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of citizens, ensuring the preservation of nature which is the source for replenishing human health.

The COVID-19 outbreak exposed the gaps in global health systems, highlighting the need to reinvent healthcare delivery and build more resilient systems, guaranteeing policies to protect our health and the environment.

This is necessary to prevent future outbreaks and secure future generations.

As a government, we have taken critical steps to ensure a healthier environment and will sustain investment in preserving the health, safety and environment of our people.

We have started the process of making Edo the cleanest and the greenest city in Nigeria.

We are also decentralizing our healthcare system, ensuring our people have access to healthcare services that are equitable and affordable, and as close to where they live and work as possible.

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