WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Oshiomhole for Ambassadorial Appointment

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Recall Midwest Herald exclusively reported last night that Mr. Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC was in a meeting with the President and Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces, Mohammadu Buhari and our promise to give details on their discussions.

Informed sources have hinted your trusted community newspaper that the meeting was at the invitation of Mr. President who we are told, has become worried and disturbed by the unending battles that the APC is involved in, especially amongst leaders and members against the National chairman.

The president is alleged to have offered Mr. Oshiomhole the opportunity to be drafted to the ambassadorial corps and made an ambassador.

The source also revealed that the president offer may have been received by Oshiomhole with shock as he had no inclining when he arrived for the meeting.

“The truth is that, PMB has made up his mind to bring in a more diplomatic person as the National Chairman of APC because he is interested in building a united party that will support his administration and ensure the party remains in power after his tenure.

“What is important now is to search for a contigous country where Oshiomhole’s energy will be positive to the relationship of both countries.” The source said.

Although, to most top echelon of the presidency, Oshiomhole is a most unlikely candidate for an Ambassadorial position, especially on account of the troubles he has caused for the party since becoming national chairman.

However, the presidency may have decided to give him a soft landing inspite of all the troubles he landed the party in. And the most plausible offer was the ambassadorial posting. The source told your soar away community newspaper that “there is the need to ‘exile’ Oshiomhole and send him away from action spots.

“The most likely destination would have been to send him to his in-laws in Cape Verde, unfortunately, Nigeria has no full diplomatic post in the tiny island.

“Hence, the diminutive khaki wearing former labour leader might be posted to a contiguous nation to Cape Verde.

For now, the president in the meeting, in no uncertain terms told Oshiomhole to start winding down as national Chairman of the ruling party, APC.

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